Our New Life Begins

I've been sporadically keeping this blog in order to keep track of all my creative ideas. I was a stay at home mom for  almost 18 years, but now I'm working full time. This has come at a time when lots of things have been changing in our lives. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 8. They don't need me around much anymore, and my husband just retired from the military (Woohoo!!!).

My husband is using his GI Bill to go to school, so we are on a tight budget (it was hard to find a job with little work experience). Anyways, I'm rededicating this blog to thriving on a tight budget.

I have recently updated my Couponing Spreadsheet link on my previous blog posts: Couponing Spreadsheet Template and Coupon Spreadsheet Update Again.

Currently I am working second shift, so my time off is when everyone is gone. Hopefully that means I can keep up my blog a bit more. I make no promises, but as I said before this blog is for my own benefit :)


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