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Refinished Old Table

My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years. The first piece of furniture we bought was this wooden table from Odd Lots. It is amazing it has lasted all these years, esp considering we've moved over a dozen times. We have replaced the chairs a few times, but the table still holds strong. Unfortunately the top of the table shows its age. Raising three kids and being a craft addict has worn down the table top. So this week I decided to resurface it!

To start, I took the legs off the table. Before unbolting the screws I took a picture first so that I could reassemble it properly.

I applied a stripper chemical according to the package and scrapped it off. This took off the previous finish and helped remove some of the previous stain.

I then just gave the table a light sand with a sanding mouse and reapplied stain. I then applied a few layers of lacquer and a finishing wax to give it a shine.