New Clothes for Vacation

As a kid, my mom would always buy us a few new cute outfits before we went on vacation. Her logic was that you will enjoy yourself more if you feel great in the clothes you wear. It was usually money she had already set aside for summer clothes, so it never seemed like a big deal. Now that I have kids, I try to do the same thing. I still like to have a few threads to wear on holiday; however, I don't often buy new clothes for myself. We are heading to Crete this summer, so I decided to sew myself a few nice things.

I bought a single issue of Burda Fashion magazine, which is a fashion magazine that includes patterns. The above tank top was made with fabric I've had in my stash using one of those patterns.

This is a Hot Patterns shirt that I started awhile ago but never managed to finish - thus the wrinkles :/ I got the pattern and fabric from

I downloaded this pattern free off the internet from, and got got this fabric free. London is really big on reducing what goes in landfills, so there a heavy emphasis on recycling even at a corporate and manufacturing level. Our local council has a place called the Watford Recycling Arts Project ( WRAP) where companies drop off industrial waste that could be reused. I find loads of fabric there that I am allowed to take for free! 

Here is a bathing suit top and matching board shorts that I made from fabric I got from the WRAP as well. I drafted these patterns myself, so I am pretty proud of them.

Here is a closer look at the swim suit and board shorts.


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