Paper Birthday Pouches for Class Party

In my daughter's nursery/preschool class there is a birthday almost once a week. Most parents pass out some sort of treat to all the kids as they leave school that day. Other parents go all out and buy a birthday cake. Since my little one is lactose intolerant, she can't enjoy the cake with others. So, I decided for her birthday I'd do something a little special. I made these cute paper pouches that are filled with a small bit of candy.

I started off with some label paper that I wrote Happy Birthday and stamped.

Then I took some construction paper and cut it in half.

This is the goodies, just some fruit snacks and a small piece of taffy.

I used the labels to make paper tubes.

Then I sewed up one side of the tube with my serger. 
After I filled it with the goodies, I sewed up the other side. I just hope the kids like the treats inside ;)


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