Easter 2013

I thought I'd share with you our wonderful Easter celebrations this year. 

We started off with decorating cookies. My little one here is lactose intolerant, so I baked a bunch of goodies for her to eat so she wouldn't be without sweets.

The we dyed Easter eggs.

I was too cheap to buy the white eggs (which would have cost about $4.50 for half a dozen), so we used brown eggs. I must say I like the more rich tones of the eggs. We got some sort of pearl effect kit which made them shimmer a bit.

Then the kids went off to find the eggs. 

For Easter dinner we got our table top grill out and everyone made their own yummy creations. The kids prefer this to a traditional ham roast or feast, and it is a better way for us to spend quality time together. 

A friend of mine challenged me to make this bunny bread. She found a pic of it somewhere on the internet and wanted to see if I could do it. I made it with an Italian bread recipe.

I think it turned out pretty awesome!


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