Family Christmas Craft Countdown - Gingerbread House Village

With only 4 sleeps left until Christmas, and since everyone is home all day, we decided to do a Christmas family activity every night until Christmas.

Yesterday evening we made Gingerbread Houses. Ok they were made out of graham crackers, but they still turned out cute.

This is mine, and everyone thought mine was the coolest. I used vanilla wafers as a rough, pretzel rods for the door, and fruit roll up to outline the window. My coolest feature is the Christmas tree which I made from a Resse cup base with a candy cane stick through the center. Then I just cut up a marshmallow and dipped it in green colored sugar then iced it to the candy cane.

This is Lexi's. She made a cute chimney with the pretzel rods and windows out of square pretzels.

Neil wasn't feeling very well, but he managed to make quite a happy house. This is actually the backyard with a clothes line and a laundry basket.

Ray wanted to go for a England style home. The thatched roof is made from shredded wheat cereal. The round windows are from vanilla wafers covered in fruit loops. The door is candy canes with a knob in the center of the door like they have here. And finally there is a red postal box which was suppose to be close to the end of the path, but it fell over and that is where it ended up. In true English fashion, nothing on this house is truly straight lol. 


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