Treats of the Week Ending Nov 4th

Please leave a comment below to tell me if you prefer this format of showing a week's worth of treats of the day, or do you prefer to see them individually with a break down of how I made them.

Millionaires Shortbread
This should be called the diet killer. It is a layer of shortbread cookie with a thick gooey caramel layer which is topped with milk chocolate. 

Toffee Chip Cookie
This cookie is very good, but I am not sure I'd make it again. The recipe came on the back of the Toffee Bits bag of chips I bought at the commissary. My problem with these cookies is it was hard to get off the cookie sheet. Once the toffee warmed up it stuck to the pan. I tried parchment paper, but it didn't help. I guess maybe a silpat would have done the trick.

Cinnamon and Chocolate Dunkers
My friend told me that the Pizza Hut in the states has these chocolate dunkers and challenged me to make them. After looking it up I figured out how to duplicate them, but having never tried them I can't say I got it for sure. My son recommended that I make one cinnamon, which would be good dunked in a white glaze icing.

Popcorn Balls
I make these around Halloween time every year. I don't know why, its a lot like Christmas cookies. They have nothing to do with Halloween, except that I make them this time of year.

Strawberry Angel Food Cake
I saw on Pinterest a good recipe for Lemon Bars which just mixes a can of lemon pie filling with an angel food cake mix. I didn't have lemon pie filling, so I tried strawberry pie filling. It turned out very nice, esp topped with some cool whip.


Amy said…
I like the weekly when you break it down like that. :)

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