Treats of the Day for Week Ending Nov 18

Brownie Bites dipped in Mint Chocoalte
I used a basic brownie mix and a brownie pop mold. When they cooled down I melted some Hershey's Mint Chocolate Chips and dipped the tops of it in the melted chocolate. I then topped it some green sprinkles for a minty appearance. 

Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Toffee Chips
I had made some toffee chip cookies earlier and they stuck to my cookie sheet. I was brave and decided to try Chocolate Toffee Chips, which I had much better results. These cookies are delicious and they didn't stick to my cookie sheet!

White Cupcakes with Vanilla Creme Filling and Caramel Icing
I made these cupcakes that I filled with a homemade vanilla custard. I tried to add some whoppers to the custard, but I don't think it really got much of that flavor. I then iced it with caramel icing and drizzled chocolate on top. These were super yummy!

Hot Buttery Yumm Chex Mix
I decided to make a chex mix this week because my family likes to snack on chex cereal every once in awhile. I tried the Hot Buttered Yum Chex Mix recipe on the Chex website. Personally I thought this was great, but for whatever reason nobody else has been eating this. Perhaps because there is still yummy cupcakes left.

Since it is Friday, I thought I'd make something easy. So I tried a recipe from the cookbook that came with my bread maker. This gingerbread recipe is a quick bread recipe that worked out nicely in my bread maker. I think next time I might double the recipe because the loaf of bread it made was very small.


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