New Life for Old Sweater

I had this sweater sitting in my closet for awhile. It fit me last winter, but I've lost a lot of weight over the summer. Everyone wants to go shopping to buy a new wardrobe when they've lost a significant amount of weight, but I hate shopping and well Angie's New Wardrobe is not a line in our budget.  So to show off the return of my pre-baby weight I thought I'd take some of my old bigger clothes and make them new cuter clothes. 

All I did was turn this 3/4 sleeve V-neck sweater into a cardigan. I cut the sweater down the center in the front. Then I took strips muslin and used that to sew a facing on it to it has a nice hemed look that is more stable than just folding the sweater over on itself.

Then I put some button holes on one side and buttons on the other.


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