Halloween Fondue Night

DH eating a mushroom eyeball
We have a tradition where the kids can eat all the candy they want the day after trick or treating. Since we did a trunk or treat on Sunday, we were left at home on Halloween. I have long discovered that if I wanted to get the kids to eat dinner on a day they can have all the candy they want, then dinner has to be awesome. So this year I decided to do a Halloween Themed Fondue Night. It was a big hit!

We start off with the cheese course. I dyed my cheese green and carved a skull face out of the loaf of bread. Then I made some finger looking breadsticks. I just rolled the dough out into a breadstick and took a toothpick that I dipped in brown food coloring to make the knuckle marks.
Green Cheese w/Finger Breadstick
Skull Bread

We then moved onto the meat course. I made some mushrooms into eyeballs by smearing a fingers worth of blue food coloring in the center and then taking a toothpick in red food coloring to make the squiggles. It looked really cool when they where cooking.

Witches Brew (fondue broth)
Mushroom Eyeballs

Finally we move on to the dessert round, which is always a buffet of goodies to dip in our chocolate fountain! 

Dessert Tray

I used the toothpick in food coloring trick again to make faces on the marshmallows. Here we have two different kinds of cookies, left over pound cake from earlier this month that I froze, and marshmallows.

Chocolate Fountain

Fun Marshmallows

In the end, my kids thought I was evil! They said it wasn't fair to have such a yummy dinner on one of the few days a year they can eat candy unregulated!


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