Treats of the Week: Witches Hats, Cupcakes, Swiss Roll, Sundaes, and White Chocolate Ghosts

I decided to consolidate the treat of the day posts to a once a week entry. It seemed silly to just post a picture and a few every day.

Chocolate Swiss Roll
My friend said it looked like the side of a skull, but I was really just going for the dark color of the chocolate roll contrasting with the the orange colored cool whip.

Monster Sundae
I made some delicious homemade ice cream that was honeycomb flavored. Then I made some waffle cones. It reminded me of the Happy Ending Sundaes I used to get at Friendly's as a kid.

White Chocolate Ghosts
This was a last minute treat. I got caught up with other things during the day so when I looked at the time I realized I only had 20 minutes to make something. I decided to make some white chocolate ghosts and they turned out pretty cute.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Witches Hats
This was probably the favorite treat of the day this week. I put the cookie dough in a jelly roll pan (i.e. a cookie sheet with a lip), and then I cut out the hats with a cool Wilton grippy cookie cutter. I used to collect them, but I gave them all to my sister after my older kids got too big for shaped sandwiches.

Chocolate Smores Cupcakes and Sponge Cupcakes
Ok, not Halloween themed, but Neil had a bake sale I needed to make 20 cupcakes for and this was what I came up with. The Chocolate Smores Cupcakes are chocolate cake that I dug a hole out of the center and shoved a huge marshmallow. Then I topped it with vanilla icing and then I dipped it in graham cracker crumbs and put a hershey bar square on top. The sponge cake cupcakes are filled with a rich chocolate ganache and topped with a caramel flavored marshmallow icing.

If you guys prefer, I can go back to doing it daily where I post pics of what I used to make the treats. Just let me know.


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