KCWC - Day 2 Flannel Dress/Tunic

Yesterday's project was this adorable flannel dress/tunic. The flannel material is really too warm for her to wear around the house because she is natural warm all the time. So if she wears this then she will be out of the house, which is when we always want our kids to wear the cutest things we can find.

For that reason, I made it so that it could be worn with leggings and dressed up to go to church or somewhere nice. Or it can also be paired with jeans and worn as a tunic for a fun trip to downtown London. Living in a big city means we walk everywhere, so it is nice to know that she will stay warm on our walk to the Tube station even in the winter.

Oh and ignore the camp stove on the ground, my husband has yet to put that up since his last campout with the boy scouts lol.


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