Treat of the Day - Ghost Bite Size Cakes

I've been waiting for October, so I can start making some Halloween treats. I see so many good ideas, but without a big Halloween party to plan there is no reason to make any of them. So I decided for October I'd make the Treat of the Day to have a Halloween theme!

I made these with a British cake mix, that would be the box that says Greens on it. Their box cake has a different texture which I thought would be better for making these. I have a brownie pops mold which I used to bake the mini cakes. 

Next to cover the cake I melted half a bag of white chocolate chips with 1 1/2 tbsp-ish (ok honestly I didn't measure) of corn syrup. This makes a chocolate clay which can be done with almost any kind of "chips" that you find in the baking isle. Once it has melted stir it really good and let it cool. Since I knew I was going to need these rolled out, I divided the white chocolate clay into 8 balls (the number of ghosts I was making). Once they cooled I flatted them with a tortilla press and laid them onto of the bite size cakes.

Finally to give it the details, I used mini chocolate chips for eyes. In order to get them to stick I made a thick paste from powdered sugar and water. I then used some extra chocolate chips to melt down and paint on the mouths. I have a paint brush just for food! I am not sure if you can see it very well, but I took the back of a 1/8 teaspoon and made an impression on the white chocolate. This gives it more of a mouth effect and tells you where to paint the chocolate in.


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