Treat of the Day - Chocolate Caramel Oatmeal Bars

My MIL always brings me my favourite caramel icing when she visits. It is suppose to be for caramel cake, which is so good. On her last visit she brought me two tubs of the caramel icing. I was so excited because I have always wanted to try the caramel with other things, but I was never willing to give up the chance to make caramel cake. With my extra tub I can try some recipe ideas and still make a caramel cake later.

Today I got the idea for these bars on the back of the cookie pouch. Ok I do know and love making cookies from scratch, but I use cookie pouches a lot because it is cheaper with my super awesome coupons. Anyways, I did not follow the instructions exactly, I mean what fun would that be. So I decided to bake the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bars until the chocolate melted (about 10 mins). I took them out of the oven and stirred in some caramel and mixed the chocolate chips into the batter so it was just chocolate flavored all over. The end result was a combination of a cookie and brownie with a yummy caramel chew to it. I broke my diet just to take a bite. I just can't resist the yummy caramel icing, and the best part is I have more icing in that tub to try something else out. I'm thinking cookie sandwiches with caramel filling.


And where do tell does this caramel come from?
They have a website, but the tubs of caramel are expensive. The Caramel Factory

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