Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grocery Savings

I get to go to the commissary and buy my American groceries once a month. I was so excited this  month I saved $127 in coupons! I friends back in the states have been posting how they spent $5 on $150 worth of groceries. I'm not that good, I spent $700 for a month's worth of groceries after my coupons. Sadly that is just for dry and freezer goods, I still have to buy perishables on the local market.

Since the local market rarely accepts coupons, or vouchers as they call them here, I have been researching ways to save money both on my monthly commissary runs and on the local market. I found a great website that offers the sales features of the month, like Frozen Food Month where stores try to clear out their freezers. Living Rich on a Budget - Grocery Sales Cycles

The Payless for Food blog has a lot of great articles on how to save money by knowing the tricks that supermarkets use to get you to spend more. The article I linked to is about the importance of creating a price book. I used to find this tedious and a waste of time. I thought I could keep track in my head if it was a good sale. Since I'm trying to find ways to save money without coupons for the local market, I thought I would try it out and see if I can save some money. I have noticed that I was not as good as I thought I was lol. Sure enough, I have gone from spending £50 on perishables a week down to £35 without a change in what I buy. Translating that to US Dollars, that is a savings of about $23 on today's exchange rate.

I hope these sites help you like they helped me save money on your grocery bill.
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Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

That Living Rich site is really cool - all kids of info on there. I just downloaded the excel budget spreadsheet myself. Thanks for posting it for me!