Felt Animal Puppets and Softies

Felt Giraffe

This week I made two felt animals, an octopus hand puppet and a giraffe softie. I made a video tutorial to walk you through how to make this cute giraffe. The same techniques I used to make the softie can be used to make the puppet, just don't add the stuffing at the end.

Supplies Needed
Octopus Puppet


Coloring page for pattern

Basic sewing materials (needle, thread, scissors)
     or a sewing machine

Fabric Glue

Embellishments (buttons, goggly eyes, yarn, ect)

First you need to take two sheets of felt and the coloring page you plan to use as a pattern. Cut out the coloring page first and then cut out your felt to the shape of the large body. Do not cut out any details until the outline of the animal is cut.

To give the giraffe the cute spots that seem so random, I decided to cut out the paper spots and place them on the giraffe's body. I then took them one by one and cut them out of the brown felt and glued it in place. I'm not really artsy, so this made sure that my random spots would still look cute. Some of you maybe able to eye-ball it better and can skip this step.

I finished adding the rest of the embellishments, and I used a sharpie to add some finer details.

Finally, we stuffed the giraffe and sewed him back up.


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