Treat of the Day - Chocolate Fudge

The past couple of days I've been in the mood for fudge. I couldn't figure out why, but then I realized the kids have been dog sitting for some friends of ours recently. Back in Georgia I had a sweet dog sitting gig where my friend paid me in fudge! Oh the yummy flavors she would bring back to us.... 

I must admit, this is not how I hoped my fudge would turn out. I like the creamy type of fudge and this is more of the sugary type. It is a bit too dark for my tastes as well, so I'm certain the family will find so too. I will say that fudge lovers all have their own idea of what the perfect fudge is, so for some this maybe great. For me it is not :( Don't be surprised if you see more fudge treats on here periodically as I try and find a great fudge recipe that makes fudge the way I like. Personally I can't wait until the commissary starts selling canned pumpkin so I can try some pumpkin fudge!


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