Treat of the Day - Fudge Icing Cupcakes

After the failure at my fudge yesterday, I thought I would try and
 make something out of it. My idea was to create fudge icing.

I cut up the fudge into chunks.

I added the fudge chunks with the cream into a double boiler.

I melted it all down.

Then I took some more whipping cream, that I whipped up really good, 
and added the melted fudge and cream mixture.

The end result was pretty good. Since I had no real recipe to go by, I was impressed with the end result. I think we all agreed it would be the perfect icing for brownies. Personally I was hoping that it would be nice stiff icing that I could pipe into a mountain on top of the cupcakes, but that didn't happen. The cupcakes were still delicious, and it probably is best that it didn't pipe because it might have been a bit too much that way.


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