Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SAHM Time Management

Well the older kids are back in school, so it is just me and Misty (my 2 year old). Some days it feels like there are a million things to do, while others I feel like I've wasted my whole day doing nothing. I have mentioned before that I am not the super organized type, but I do see the benefits of it and try to implement different methods into my life in hopes that one will stick.

To demonstrate my determination for being organized, I have created some spreadsheets on my future daily schedule.

The first spreadsheet here lists all of the things I wish to accomplish in a day, week, and month. If at some point I get everything I want to accomplished done then it would be some sort of miracle. Anyways, I made a note of what I want to do, how often I want to do it (daily, weekly, monthly), who it benefits (home, family, myself), why it is important to me, and what priority I have given it (low, medium, high). Then I made a list of how many hows a day I hope to accomplish various tasks. Basically I divided up the 24 hours in my day to see how I'd spent it. The cute little pie chart shows what percentage of the day I do each activity, and the big blue area is sleep because I require a full 8 hours in order to function properly.

Next I started planning out my week. I started by making a list of Daily Goals. I read somewhere to make a list of 8 to 10 objectives for your day so you can feel accomplished yet not overwhelmed. This is pretty much your standard weekly calendar, only I have a mixture of vague time slots such as morning and specific times where I have to be somewhere at a specific time.

Finally I made a sheet where I can keep a log of how well I was able to stick to the schedule. I have long since learned that a schedule is useless if you cannot follow it. 

I have made these spreadsheets in Numbers for the Mac, so I am not sure if you could open it in Excel. I would be happy to share this spreadsheet with anyone who wants it. Just email me at:
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