Ribbon Belts

I am trying a new format for my blog. I am going to start incorporating videos and pictures together to give you a better demo. Hopefully this will increase your success rate when you try to duplicate my project ideas. I came up with this idea because I find that I am drawn to this format when I am trying to find new projects. I decided to start with a simple ribbon belt project to test this format.

Supplies Needed:
Craft Glue
Belt Tips (buy these the same width of the webbing)
D-Rings (make sure these are at least as big as the belt tips)

Some basic supplies are also needed such as a measuring tape, scissors, and a sewing machine. 

I ordered all my supplies and got the idea for this tutorial from Ribbons and Bows Oh My!

First measure how long you want your belt.  When you cut the webbing and ribbon add two inches to the length to accommodate for the space required for the D-rings.

Add a bead of glue along the center of the ribbon. Personally I like to sew the ribbon onto the webbing to make sure it is more stable and will last longer, but I'm sure a lot of you are more comfortable with adding more glue to the ribbon and avoiding the extra sewing. If you choice to add more glue, be mindful of the edge where you will attach the D-rings. Sewing machines do not go through craft glue very well and you will probably break a needle if you are not careful.

While the glue is still wet you can readjust the placement of the ribbon to make it more center.

 Let the glue dry for about an hour before you try to sew the ribbon and webbing together.

Now you can attach the D-Rings. I just did a zigzag stitch back and forth. If you do it two or three times, then the rings should be secure enough to hold in place.
Finally you need to add the metal belt tip to the opposite end of the D-Ring.


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