Ball Pit Room

My youngest daughter had her second birthday last month. We decided to get her a ball pit, but after shopping around I found out a "ball pit" was really just a blow up pool. So I decided to get a much larger pool so that everyone can enjoy it. I think the two older kids enjoy the ball pit just as much as the youngest lol. Anyways, we awkwardly fit the huge ball pit in the living room for awhile, but balls were everywhere and we couldn't get to somethings. We thought about rearranging the living room, but everything fits so nicely where they are right now. So we decided to give the ball pit its own room. Fortunately we had a spare room that was being used as a storage room, so we had the extra space. Now the kids can all enjoy the ball pit and if any balls spill out, then it is contained in its own room! 


Anonymous said…
How many balls did you buy to fill the pool?

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