Stop Buying Clothes You Won't Wear

When you need to revamp your wardrobe, the best approach is always to have a plan. It can be so tempting for some just to buy random shirt that looks great. Unfortunately once you buy something all too often we get home and find out that it doesn't go with anything you own.

Creating a fashion board helps eliminate some of this by allowing you to create a look for yourself. Not only does this make shopping for clothes more practical, but it also gives you an overall image that makes you seem more consistent with your style. I've often desired to have that "put together" look that some other moms have, but I always end up in my safe jeans and a solid colored shirt. Finally, my pilates instructor told me how she created a fashion board and how it helped her stop buying clothes she didn't need.

So how do you create a fashion board? Simple, just get a couple of fashion magazines and cut out looks that you like or that you think might look good on you. Then arrange them on a poster board to see which of those looks coordinate and look good together. Finally glue down all the coordinating fashions you like along with matching accessories. Now purge your clothes of things that do not match the look you have created. Once you buy new clothes, reference the fashion board (or a pic you took of it with your phone).

Another alternative is create a fashion board online with a site called Polyvore. With a fashion board you can save yourself and your money by not buying clothes you will never wear.

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