Keep Track of Your Water Intake

To help keep track of your water intake everyday, start by putting rubberbands on your drinking cup. Place one rubberband for every glass you hope to drink that day. Then when you finish your glass, take the rubberband off. The next morning put the rubberbands back on. 

I'm usually pretty good about drinking water, but sometimes I don't drink enough. I've also been known to drink too much, yeah its possible. So anytime I feel my water intake isn't right, I use this rubberband trip. It usually takes a week to re-establish a routine for drinking water. Of course if you are not used to drinking water it will take longer.

For our summer vacation this year we are going to the beach. Amazing how I used to have to bribe the kids to go to the beach when we lived 20 minutes away, but since moving here everyone has been suffering from a bit of withdraw. My awesome husband has booked me surf lessons for a whole day. He plans to take the kids to see all the King Arthur and Merlin stuff since they are really into that right now.

What does all that have to do water intake? Simple, I want to be in shape for my 5 hours of surfing. I've been working out for a month now, but instead of losing weight I've managed to simply eat more...mostly junk too. With only a month left until my surf lessons I decided to get a bit more serious on getting into shape. I have no expectations of losing mass amounts of weight in a month. Instead I just want to built up my strength and endurance. So I decided to add some healthy tips and tricks category to help others maintain a healthier lifestyle.


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