Organizing your Chores with a Reminder Service

Things have finally started to settle down for me after our move to London. I'm starting to create a daily routine with a weekly schedule of events. To help me keep up on what I'm suppose to do each day I have created a list of ideal tasks to complete each day of the week. I then created a list of things to do once a month, and allotting a day of the week to do my monthly chore because it would be more likely to get done if I didn't have to make extra time for my monthly chores.

I found a website where I could enter my to-do list and how frequently I'd like to complete each task. There are many reminder service websites, but I personal liked Remember the Milk. It was easy to create the list, edit the details, and there is a way to set the priority level of each task. Another nice feature is that it lets you divide up your tasks into categories for Personal, Study, and Work. It also allows you to keep track of completed tasks and sets up your trends, scary huh?

Now that I had the list complete I needed a way to remind myself of what to do. I do not possess the super organized personalities, so I set up the site to email me, and I also created an RSS feed which works best for me because I use Shrook to check my blogs every morning.

Hopefully this will help me keep up with my house a little better than I have in the past. If it does work I will post an update with my success. For now I will just be happy that the hubby noticed I scrubbed the bathrooms yesterday :)


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