Mail Order Snacks

In my quest to live a healthier lifestyle, I am always on the look out for healthy snacks. I love snacks, I eat a lot of little meals all day. I have cereal for breakfast, then my second breakfast which is really just a snack. Then I have lunch, and later in the afternoon I have a snack, and sometimes I will sneak in a snack before dinner. Pretty sad huh? Especially since most easy snack foods are bad for you. I have also been baking a lot, so my snacks lately have been homemade candy bars or cup cakes.

Needless to say I was delighted when I found an email in my inbox from Groupon letting me try out a mail order snack company called Graze. You enter your food preferences and they surprise you with four different healthy snacks that come in your mail slot (or for my American friends it would fit in your mailbox). They include a booklet with the nutritional information and they claim their snacks are designed to keep your blood sugar level even throughout the day which decreases your urge to binge later.

In this week's box I received the following:

Yin & Yang Trail Mix: Almonds, dried cherries, raisins, and dark chocolate buttons (large chocolate chips)

Mango Salad: Dried mango, sweet chili peanuts, dried pomegranate seeds

Focaccia (breadstick) topped with cheddar cheese, red onions and chutney

Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks: flapjacks are another name for granola bars

All of these items were super yummy, and I would say they are incredibly unique. It really reminds me of Target's trail mix isle, although the focaccia was a nice treat.

Since I got this on Groupon, I get four boxes, once a week for a month, for £5 which is about $8.25. For me that works out to be about the price of a box of granola bars which is my favorite snack. Now normal price is £3.50 a box or about $5.75. Of course there is no way I'd be able to justify spending that kind of money of a small snack once every other day, but I love the concept of having fresh and healthy snacks. Take a look at their food selection to get some inspiration to mix up your healthy snack routine: Graze.


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