Food Network Themed Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Lexi!

For Lexi's 11th birthday party we did a Food Network themed party. Here is the activities we had for this party.
Waiting for guest to arrive: Balloons, lots of them in all shapes and sizes. Its great fun at this age.

Make Pizzas
I gave each girl a square of baking (parchment) paper and had them right their names on the paper in pencil. Then I gave them partially baked pizza crust which I made myself. You can also use Pillsbury pizza dough or any other store bought pizza dough. I just partially baked mine to keep the cook time down. I gave them sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and some other toppings and let them create the pizzas how they liked.
Decorate Aprons
While I baked the pizzas, I had the girls decorate aprons. I made the aprons, but they sell pre-made aprons at any craft store. I supplied them with sharpies and small piece of cardboard for them to decorate on to over bleed through. I wanted to let them use puff paint and other paints, but I realized it wouldn't dry in time so I had them stick with markers. For the aprons I made I had just cut out the shape of an apron and put button holes at the top and sides. The girls were able to pick the ribbon they wanted and tie it through the holes.

Cupcake Decorating

I taught the girls to dig a hole out of the center of their cupcakes with an apple corer (not the slicer type). Then I gave them cool whip, chocolate and vanilla mousse, and a table full of icings and toppings to let them have fun. The girls had a lot of fun decorating cupcakes. Some girls took their time and only did a few cupcakes, while others were in production mode and tried to make as many cupcakes as possible. I made two cake boxes of cupcakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. I provided a tub of chocolate and vanilla icing. Then I made decorating icing for the girls to pipe designs onto the cupcakes. I had gotten take home boxes for the extra cupcakes, so I was able to send most of them home to share with their family.


Iron Chef Challenge: Ice Cream

The next activity was an Iron Chef Challenge. Before we started I had the girls clean up the cupcake decorating mess. To make this easier, I just had them clear the table and I changed out the tablecloth. The object of the game is simple, I had a secret ingredient (ice cream) which I managed to keep a secret from even Lexi. The girls had to create two teams and each team created two separate creations, but each creation they needed to make two dishes for a total of 4 dishes. The point is so they have two dishes for judging and two dishes to eat....while we judged. The winning team got the first whack at the pinata!


According to my daughter, no party would be complete without beating the crap out of a pinata. She seems to think she is too old for the whole blindfold thing, but the pinata is still a must. We found a cupcake pinata, which was perfect. We filled it with candy and gave the girls brown paper lunch bags to beat it with.

The party was a huge success. One girl said it was the best party ever! I get that a lot. The parents seemed to be impressed when they heard what we did. Everyone left with a huge smile on their face and was rambling on and on to their parents what fun they had. To me that is the signs of a successful party.


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