Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coupon Spreadsheet Template

Updated Link 9/12/17: Coupon Spreadsheet Link

My sister has gotten into the whole Extreme Couponing that seems to have swept the US because of some show they are watching. I'm not able to see the show, and here in the UK they do not offer manufacturing coupons. I do ask my sister and other friends and family to send me their expired coupons because they are good at the commissary here. So far I am able to save enough to pay for the gas to drive the two hours to the commissary, but I can't seem to figure out how to save 80% on my groceries like others have.

Although I cannot participate in this extreme couponing going on in the states, I thought I would create a way to say thank you to all those who have been sending me coupons. I worked with my sister to come up with some requirements that couponers look for in a spreadsheet.

The first sheet of the spreadsheet is a summary of all the categories which tells you how many items you are buying and what your subtotal will be in each category as well as a grand total. I suggest you make a file for each grocery store you intend to shop at.

 Next I have created a sheet/tab for each category of shopping you would want, according to my sister. Now if you download the file feel free to change the category titles at the top of the page, but do not mess with the name of the sheets/tabs because it will mess up the summary page formulas.

Each category lets you input the Aisle, Product Name, Original/Sales Price, Manufacturing coupons, Store coupons, then it goes into the price per item,number of coupons and sales tax. At the top of each page there is a sales tax rate in the top left hand corner. You must fill that out in order to get the formulas to work out properly. I have three options for sales tax though: 1 - No Tax, 2 - Food Sales Tax, and 3 Non-Food Item Sales Tax. I did that because some states have sales tax on food, which is typically lower than sales tax on non-food items. The most important thing is not to delete the gray fields because they have the formulas in them. Ok there are lots of forumlas in the totals and summary pages, but I just highlighted to columns that have formulas.

Now if you want this document you have a few options. Since Blogger doesn't really host file downloads, I uploaded this into my Google Docs. From there you can either use the template and save it into your Google Docs, or you can download it and save it to your computer. Google Docs allows you to save it in multiple formats. I have included a pic of how to save the document to your computer from the Google Docs link.

Updated Link (as of 9/12/17): Coupon Spreadsheet

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Nubian Crafter said...

Thank you so much, cannot wait to see how this will work for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm an accountant, and so I have to say, this is a lovely spreadsheet. Thank you for doing the work for me.

Shannon said...

Thank you!

Traci said...

How do I put in coupons that say I have to buy 3 or 4 to get $1 off or similar?

Mindy said...

Hi there! I LOVE this spreadsheet! It saved me a lot of time and effort! I only noticed a couple of things when I went to use it. The formula for "Running" total does not seem to include the actual ITEM cost when you are logging items that require food sales tax. Also the first formula for sales tax has a "1" for a "false" in the IF statement so no matter what happens, it shows "1". Two quick fixes, just wanted to let you know in case some of your followers are not aware of how it works. This is Brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how to correct the 2 errors Mindy pointed out...this is a GREAT spread sheet!

Angela Goodwin said...

I will work on updating the spreadsheet next week so that the sales tax problem is corrected.

Dawn Russell said...

im trying to find the second document on google docs to download please help

Angela Goodwin said...

I have two versions of the document that are in Google Docs.

Original Coupon Spreadsheet

Updated version