Alpine Strawberries in Aerogarden

I love my aerogarden! I have grown many herbs in it, but I have yet to try and grow something that might seem a little more challenging. This year I decided to try and grow strawberries, but after searching for an aerogarden kit for strawberries I came up empty handed. I was pretty disappointed since my aerogarden has a strawberry setting. I ended up buying a Master Gardener set which allows you to plant your own seeds and I bought some Alpine Strawberry seeds.

I planted the seeds according to the directions and didn't give much thought to it until about 2 or 3 weeks later when nothing was growing. I did a quick search online and found out there is an art to growing strawberries in the aerogarden. I decided to give it another week and if I didn't have anything, then I would clear it out and grow something else like tomatoes or peppers.

Thankfully I got a few sprouts by the end of that week. Now I have a bunch of strawberry plants growing quite nicely. While my strawberries are not ready to be harvested, there is plenty of strawberries growing.

I have never grown Alpine strawberries before, so I will let you know what they taste like when I harvest them.


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