Portable Container Garden

I love to grow my own vegetables, but I have a hard time creating the ideal garden. It seems inevitable that we move right when I get my garden sorted out. It takes awhile to understand the local soil, climate, and watering conditions. For this reason I usually like doing a container garden because I know what soil works best for what I like to grow, it is the cheap $1 a bag manure compost, it stinks but it works wonders.

I used to have two wooden barrels as planters, but after this last move we had to drastically reduce our household goods weight. So while planning my garden this year I found the perfect container garden system that can travel with me without causing problems.

With a closer look, you can see there are two types of containers. The round tan containers are made out of tarp material. There is fabric handles on the side so that it can be moved, which was useful when trying to find the right sunny spot for the containers. The bottom of the containers have holes to allow drainage. You can put rocks in the bottom to provide more stability, but if you fill it with compost then you won't have to worry about it blowing away unless you live somewhere very windy. Once the growing season is done, I can easily rinse this out and store it in the garage with the rest of my gardening tools.

The brown containers are made out of fabric, like the cheap fabric they use for reusable bag at the grocery store. The advantage of the brown containers is they are rectangular or square, so they were able to insert dividers. This allows me to grow different types of plants in the same container without worrying about their roots tangling together. These containers also have handles, holes at the bottom, and collapse easily for storage. All of the containers vary in height and width which allows them to accommodate a variety of different types of plants.

This year I have planted celery, tomatoes, sweat peas, lettuce, and spring onions, but I have a few more things I would like to plant as it gets a little warmer outside.


Jen said…
What a great idea! I knew I liked you for a reason!! Have you ever tried growing potatoes? I'm dying to try the little potatoes, but don't know what to do and quite frankly am too lazy to Google it...
Rhen Nicey said…
There are so many advantages to container gardening over backyard gardening that I no longer consider digging up my yard. Portable container gardening which means if there is a sudden frost or a change in the seasons, the containers can be moved. Container gardening is also ideal for homeowners or renters that are short on space and time.

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