Duck Egg Cookie Experiment

Living in London we have the chance to buy various foods that we would not normally have access to back in the States. On our last visit to the farmers market I purchased duck eggs. I knew nothing about them, but I was excited about playing around with this new ingredient.

So before I go into the experiment, I thought I would share my research about duck eggs. Duck eggs:

  • have a thick but fragile outer shell.
  • should replace two chicken eggs in a recipe.
  • have a larger yolk, but the whites are less watery than a chicken egg.
  • got a bad rep for salmonella, so make sure you cook them throughly (runny yolk).
  • yolks have more fat in them than a chicken egg and the whites have more protein.
  • take longer to whisk to a peak, but once you do they get fluffier than chicken eggs.
If you are like my family you are dying to know: Which is healthier? Well that is hard to say. The duck egg has more fats from the yolk, more protein from the whites, but also more vitamins compared to the chicken eggs. So I guess it is a trade off and depends on how you define "healthier."

Now, on to the experiment.

As you see in the pic above, the chicken egg and matching cookie is to the left and the white duck egg is to the right. The size of the duck egg is slightly bigger than the large chicken egg. Let me first start off by everything I controlled. I  made two batches of cookie dough at the same time. I have a cookie dough scoop that makes sure the same amount of dough is in each cookie. I baked them both at the same time with two separate cookie sheets that I rotated half way through the cooking time. 

The results:
As you can see the chicken egg cookie is more flat. This is what I expected since all of my cookies turn out like this. The duck egg cookie maintained some of its height, which I hear is common when using larger eggs in general. After making everyone in the family taste the two cookies, most of us agreed that the duck egg cookie was better in both taste and texture. The duck egg cookies had a smoother texture and a richer taste. The only opposing view was from my son who didn't taste a difference, but was happy I made two batches of cookies. 


Jen said…
What a good idea! And good for the kids too...

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