Three Pound Cotton Assortment

I just love, and I have been ordering from them for over five years. I have had very few problems with them and the times I did they had excellent customer service and straightened up things right away. They seem to have a very true color of the fabric, and they add great descriptions so you know exactly the type of fabric you are getting.

With such a great history with I decided to order one of their assortments, and I must say I was not disappointed. I've ordered assortments from many fabric sites and mostly came with major disappointment and regret, but I was pleasantly surprised when my assortment came in. Yeah I admit there are a two fabrics I have no idea how I will use, but there was also fabric that even my husband got excited about.

What I ended up getting was just over 9 1/2 yards of designer quilting fabric for $20. For those less brave, you can order a half yard assortment from a specific designer for $23 which gives you a total of 5 yards of fabric.

The thing that makes this fabric assortment better than the ones I've received in the past: thought and consideration. Almost all of the fabrics I got coordinates with another fabric. That makes it much more likely to use, even the fabrics that I am less than crazy about. It is much easier to make a gift for someone out of random fabric if you have two coordinating fabrics to play around with.


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