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Google Recipe Search

Google has just added a new feature to their website for food lovers. They added a recipe search that includes pictures and reviews. It works much like Google Shopping where you type what you want and then you get a pictures and reviews. You can search a specific recipe, or be vague like "cookies," or you could just search for "St. Patrick's Day" recipes. As of now it looks like they have only a few databases in their search, but they are good ones like Food Network, AllRecipes, Family Fun, and However, I am certain with this being a new feature Google will do what it can to add more recipe databases.

Here is the official announcement and explanation site: Google Recipes

Thriller Zombie

Neil has been working on a project for school which requires him to make the "Perfect Present" for a friend. He has decided to make a felt mushroom for his friend Andrew, but I thought I would supply him with some books and patterns on how to make felties as they are commonly called. One of the books I got from Amazon was Zombie Felties, which included a pattern for this "Thrilla" zombie. It brought back old memories, and I even made Lexi watch the Michael Jackson music video, which she just thought was weird. I thought you guys might appreciate my handy work.

Three Pound Cotton Assortment

I just love, and I have been ordering from them for over five years. I have had very few problems with them and the times I did they had excellent customer service and straightened up things right away. They seem to have a very true color of the fabric, and they add great descriptions so you know exactly the type of fabric you are getting.

With such a great history with I decided to order one of their assortments, and I must say I was not disappointed. I've ordered assortments from many fabric sites and mostly came with major disappointment and regret, but I was pleasantly surprised when my assortment came in. Yeah I admit there are a two fabrics I have no idea how I will use, but there was also fabric that even my husband got excited about.

What I ended up getting was just over 9 1/2 yards of designer quilting fabric for $20. For those less brave, you can order a half yard assortment from a specific designer for $23 which gives you a total of 5 y…

The Tasty Temptress: Pepperidge Farm Orange Milano Cookie Truffles

The Tasty Temptress: Pepperidge Farm Orange Milano Cookie Truffles: "Godiva chocolate is one of my favorite indulgences! I am SO thankful they finally came out with larger size bars that you can buy all..."

For those who liked my entry about making your own chocolates, here is a great way to make your own truffles.

Homemade Chocolates

Make your own chocolates this Valentine's Day!

ChocolateMoldVegetable Oil Paraffin WaxCooling RackCupcake Paper
You only want to use a little bit of the paraffin wax for a handful of chocolate. For a whole bag of chocolate chips you should use a quarter bar of Gulf Wax. If you are using "melting chocolate" you do not have to add the paraffin wax or oil.

Melt the chocolate, wax, and a teaspoon of oil in a double boiler. Alternatively you can follow the chocolate package instructions of melting it in the microwave. Slowly drizzle a spoonful of chocolate into the mold.
Take a small cupcake spatula or a butter knife and even out the chocolate. You then need to tap it on the counter to get all the air bubbles out. After that you can clean up the edges with a paper towel.
After you have prepared your mold you need to refrigerate it for about an hour. It is time to remove the chocolate when the bottom of the mold looks cloudy. To remove the chocolates, turn the mold up-side…

Passion Fruit Salad

I found some passion fruit during my last grocery shopping order, yep I order my food online now. I have had passion fruit juice which is yummy, but I've never had a passion fruit. So I ordered some and thought I would try it out. Come to find out, you don't actually eat the passion fruit, you just juice it.
So to start off I get a mixing bowl and my mini strainer/sieve. I cut
the passion fruit in half and scoop out the inside with a spoon. I use the spoon to push the juice through while keeping the seeds out.
Once I free the juice from the fruit, I add some basic salad dressing ingredients. You can change the ratio to suit your taste, but for mine: 1/2 cup olive oil 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon honey juice of 3 passion fruits (about 1/3 cup) salt to taste
I put all the ingredients in a small water bottle so I can shake it up when I need to. It makes for easy storage as well. Personally I like warm salads, so often I saute parts of my salad in the salad dressing to give it some …

Apple Tart

For a long time I've always wanted to learn how to make pastries. I guess it is because I feel like I can cook and bake pretty good, but pastries seems like a whole new ball game. I always like to learn new things, so for Christmas my family got me a pastry instruction book. It is actually from the French Culinary Institute, but thankfully it is all in English. The one thing I love about this book is that it tells you exactly what you need, from the ingredients, cooking tools, and most importantly time. This was an all day adventure for me with a toddler running around, but officially it should have only taken me 3 hours. I plan to go through my book a chapter at a time to learn the secrets of all the goodies behind a pastry counter at the bakery.

I'm really not trying to create a food blog here, so I will spare you the three pages of instructions that I had to follow to create this master piece. The readers digest condensed version is you make the crust, put it in the fridge…