Screen Printing - Plaid Simple Screen Print Review

So I decided to try my hand at screen printing. I've always wanted to silk screening, but its an expensive hobby. I have been in the process of making canvas tote bags for reusable shopping bags, and I wanted to decorate them but I lack artistic ability. I found a solution to my problems, Plaid Simple Screen Print. Ok its still a little pricey, but if you break it down to the number of projects it can do its not so bad. So I paid $10 for the screen and $3 for the paint and they said combined it can do 20 projects which works out to be 65 cents a print. The down side is you have to choice one of their pre-made designs, but they have plenty of paint colors to really make it your own. Hopefully the product will take off and they will have a large variety of screen prints to choice from. But for now, they had something I thought would work for my project.

I must say for my first attempts of screen printing, my project turned out awesome. I got a little smudge of paint on the side where I accidentally squeegeed it off the edge. I think one or two of the words could have come out better, but I realized I had selected a pretty elaborate design. For those of you who like shiny things, they have a glue instead of paint that you screen print and then you apply a foil paper. I was tempted to get that since I LOVE shiny things, but it didn't really make since for my reusable bag project.

Overall I am very impressed with the Plaid Simple Screen Print. I am not normally a product reviewer, but I had looked all over to see how well it did and couldn't find any reviews.


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