Cheese Crackers

Adapting to the new foods here in London has been quite the experience. At first we thought the food was terrible, but then we learned there is some food here that is pretty good and unique to what we are used to back home. However, there are some foods that are hard to live without. For my kids it is cheese crackers. Call them Goldfish, Cheezits, ect, but you will not find them here. Of course the commissary an hour and a half away has them, but usually for an outrageous price. So I went on an adventure to make my own. I came out quite victorious judging by the fact that the plate of crackers was gone shortly after taking this photo.

I googled Goldfish recipe and came up with a site called Yum Sugar. She has very detailed instructions with nice pics, so I wouldn't duplicate her post. However, I did find that it helps to flip them half way through baking. Also how long you bake them and how thick you roll them out makes a difference, so play around with the thickness and browning and make a note of what you like. I also didn't bother cutting them into any cute shapes, my kids are old enough they don't care (with the exception of the baby who just doesn't know any better). I did some squares and triangles for the most part, but really they were gone so quickly I probably would have been mad if I took the extra effort to cut out super small cracker shapes. I'm just glad we can live the next three years in cheese cracker bliss.


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