30 Mile Challenge

We were doing really good for our challenge for the first two weeks. It was a lot easier since we were allowed to use what we had on hand. Now we have run out of almost everything we eat on a regular basis. The kids are struggling with the lack of Eggos and Poptarts. Either today or tomorrow we will attempt to make our own Poptarts. I imagine it is just pie crust filled with fruit. We are every going as far as to make our own jam to put in them. I can't make waffles since I got rid of my waffle maker earlier this year. I quit making them from scratch since we always bought Eggos. We have been eating a lot of muffins instead, and I eat fresh fruit when I can get it. The next two weeks will be the most challenging so I will keep you posted on any new recipes I try. This will all end right before Thanksgiving were we can feast.


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