100 Mile Challenge

So while I've been stuck in the house, I've found a show on the Green Planet that is called the 100 mile challenge. Everything they buy must be grown within 100 miles of their house. The idea is to eat what is in season and to change the way you shop and buy food.

Now I think depriving my family of necessities is a little extreme, but I really like the concept. So I talked to my sister who also liked the idea and we came up with our own challenge. The concept behind our method is still the same, eat what is in season and support the local markets. However, we are not going to be extreme purist. So here are our rules:

1. We can buy anything at our local farmers market or butcher regardless of where it originated.

2. Other items need to be investigated to see where it comes from. While we don't want to drive 100 miles to get our food, we will try hard to buy foods from the local area, which can be shipped to us or our town.

3. If a food is manufactured in our 100 mile radius than we can buy it. We are not going to be picky about where the ingredients. Maybe later on we will be concerned with that, but for now we are being flexible.

4. Exceptions: We have two exceptions to the rule. We are allowing dairy purchases and anything in the baking isle that isn't a prepackaged goodie (so flour, sugar, salt, oil, ect are allowed).

5. The challenge will go for 30 days. We are allowed to use what is already in our house, but for the next 30 days our purchases must be in accordance with the challenge.

So with the the butcher and farmers market plus the exception of dairy and baking items we have covered all four food groups. So now it is just what kind of menus we can come up with. My kids are excited about the challenge, but they are concerned what we will be eating for the next month. I'll keep you posted!


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