Yummy Salad Trick

My friends tend to make fun of my healthy eating habits, of course it could be because I have no problems eating large amounts of soy or large amounts of chocolate lol. So here is a tip for making a boring salad more exciting with a little extra effort. Don't worry I think even my sister could pull it off (she is a bit kitchen challenged).

What you will need is a bagged salad or lettuce cut up plus added veggies you like on your salad (I'm lazy and just bagged salads). Next you'll want lunch meat or chunks of meat or for a vegetarian option pick a non-traditional salad veggie like green beans. You'll also need a liquidity store bought salad dressing, I usually go for the vinaigrettes but nothing fruity.

Now that you have everything, cut up the meat into bit size pieces and place them in a skillet. Warm the meat up a little on a medium-low heat. Once the meat heats up and starts searing add a quarter cup of water and the salad dressing. Turn the heat up a little to medium heat and let the salad dressing boil. This way it saturates the meat which gives it a nice marinated flavor. Once the salad dressing has reduced to a little more liquidity than its original state pour it over your prepared salad.

It takes a boring salad and makes it a warm salad with yummy meat. Also you made the salad dressing go further which is healthier. More flavor, yummier salad, less calories, whats not to like :)


sue said…
Nice way to make salad yummy. Thanks for the wonderful article.
Judith Veil said…
Interesting idea.
gwendolen said…
Hehe, well, its easier eating bad food around your friends some how.. Don´t know why. I eat kinda healthy too but with my friends.. too bad!

Best wishes from sweden and egypt :)

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