Best Job in the World

All the buzz on the news is how the Austrialian government is trying to hire someone to fill what they call the Best Job in the World. Basically you live on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef and the tourism department shows you everything cool to do there. In exchange you maintain a blog, both video and written, about how much fun you are having. The term is for 6 months and they are paying what is equivilent to about $100,000 USD. The website is but it is often down due to extreme popularity.

Now I'm going to apply for this. I mean you just need to make a 60 second video to start with. They limit it down to to the top 50 videos before they get indepth with the application process. I've been going through the audition videos to get a good idea of what I thought was good and what looked bad. So for those of you interested in making a video, here are some hints on what NOT to do to make a good impression in 60 seconds or less.

1. Don't read a script, esp. looking down.
2. Don't sing, unless of course you are super talented, but still they aren't after a singer
3. Don't hold up snap shots
4. Don't use Power Point with music in the background, this tells nothing about you
5. Don't have the background flip through a million vacation pictures
6. Don't beg
7. Don't complain about your weather
8. Don't voice over your video, nobody likes it when your lips don't match your words
9. Don't take the audience through a tatoo parlor pretending you just got inked to get the job
10. Don't just declare your desire for the position in 10 seconds and cut the video off


That would be AWESOME!

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