I am so excited I got an Aerogarden for Christmas this year. I've already ordered the seed starter tray for it. Hopefully it will get here soon so I can start my garden soon. I need to plant things before the end of February (I'm in southern Georgia). This year I'm going to try and grow the following:

Kentucky Wonder Green Beans
Red Noodle Beans (which are a long bean good in stir fry)
Zamboni Broccoli
Yaya Carrots
Merida (winter carrots I'll plant later in the year)
Giant Red Celery
Snack Mix Sunflowers
Sugar Dot Sweet Corn
Ambition Shallots
Pot and Patio Lettuce Blend
Athena Cantaloupe
Super Sugar Snap Peas
Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas
Mini Chocolate Bell Pepper
Small Sugar Pumpkin

I order my seed from Territorial Seed company, but Burpee has similar seeds and I've had good results with them as well. Their prices are about the same as well. Sadly I'm not growing in tomatoes this year because I had so many bug problems with them.


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