Advent Calender

There has been some interest in my sites, and my Christmas craft ideas. So I thought I would post some of them for you.

Felt sheet size 21x24 inches and I sewed strips of felt for loops. The loops measure 3x6.

The calender has a Christmas tree that I free-handed out of various sized triangles.

The stump is a rectangle. Then I took a glass that had about a 3 inch diameter and traced the circles out of felt for ornaments. I took two circles and sewed them together. Then I wrote the number on them with puff paint. I finally glued them onto the red felt with a small white ribbon behind them. The ornaments have an inch and a half opening for the pocket to put candy in.

For the star, I happen to have a die cut machine that I used to make the star. If you do not have a die cut machine or the star die, then you can print off the interent a picture of a star and use that as a template.


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