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Fabric Gift Tote Bags

These are great for giving as a gift bag. People can reuse it, so its a gift in and of itself. I find two matching fabrics, they don't have to be Christmas fabric. I then cut 3 inch strips to make the straps. The strap length is a person preference, as is one or two staps. For me I just cut the width of the fabric, which is usually 45 inches, out of both the fabrics, and make two straps. Sew the straps with the good sides facing each other. Turn it inside out, iron it down, and top stitch the straps, which is sewing a line on each side of the edge of the strap as close to the edge as possible without going over the edge.

Then I take and cut a huge rectangle out of the remaining fabric. Usually about a 18x 24 size bag, but your demonsions can vary, just as long as it fits what you want to put in it. You can simple measure the size of the gift, add a couple inches to each side, and double the length.

Turn the good sides towards each other, and pin the handles in place. Remember the…

Advent Calender

There has been some interest in my sites, and my Christmas craft ideas. So I thought I would post some of them for you.

Felt sheet size 21x24 inches and I sewed strips of felt for loops. The loops measure 3x6.

The calender has a Christmas tree that I free-handed out of various sized triangles.
The stump is a rectangle. Then I took a glass that had about a 3 inch diameter and traced the circles out of felt for ornaments. I took two circles and sewed them together. Then I wrote the number on them with puff paint. I finally glued them onto the red felt with a small white ribbon behind them. The ornaments have an inch and a half opening for the pocket to put candy in.

For the star, I happen to have a die cut machine that I used to make the star. If you do not have a die cut machine or the star die, then you can print off the interent a picture of a star and use that as a template.