Halloween Party Schedule

Ok I have firmed up my activity plans for the Halloween Party this year.

I purchased a Haunted Gingerbread House decorating kit from the store for kids to do as guests arrive.

Craft - Make your own trick or treat bags. I purchased plain white paper gift bags and I have all sorts of stamps and rub-ons (which I bought all on clearance last year) to decorate them with

Bob for apples - be sure to have plenty of towels and encourage the kids not to backwash in the bucket with the apples

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt - I found sponge pumpkins on clearance last year, so I bought a ton. I came up with a scavenger hunt for the kids. Each pumpkin will have a word and a number. I'll think of a cool Halloween saying that will be said if they fill it out properly. (#1 Have #2 a #3 Happy #4 Halloween) Then I'll hide all the pumpkin sponges and when they can tell me what the phrase is they get a small prize.

Food - I always have some cool food, usually cupcakes and popcorn balls. If you don't schedule time to eat, then your food won't get eaten and you wasted your time making it. Don't go overboard though, there are so many cute recipes online now, limit yourself to only a few.

Hay-find - take a bale of hay and scatter candy and make the kids find it

Pumpkin - our Halloween version of Torpedo - Name on side of the yard Trick and the other side Treat. Tell the kids to run towards whatever side you call and when you yell PUMPKIN, everyone must touch the ground. Last to touch the floor is out. This is a great game while waiting for parents to come and it wears out the kids pretty good.


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