We've Moved.....again

Ok for anyone keeping up, we have moved yet again. Currently we are living in Georgia, but that could change in a month or two if my husband gets promoted. Hopefully we can stay here for longer than 3 months, but it is hard to tell.
Although it is rather warm and humid in Georgia, we seem to like it here a lot. The kids have made friends, and they start school tomorrow (yeah they start REALLY early down here). I have found another Cub Scout pack to join. They found out I was Cubmaster at my last pack, so guess what they want me to do....be thier Cubmaster. Apparently that is a hard vacancy to fill.
When I get some time, and high speed internet, I'll post a picture of the diaper bag I made for a friend. It is too cute and very simple to make. Hope everyone enjoyed my 12 Weeks of Summer posts. My summer is over now, so we will see what kind of fun crafts and ideas I come up with in Georgia.


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