Fiesta Birthday Party

My daughter turned 7 this week, and we had a Learn Spanish Fiesta for her party.

As we greeted the guests, they were given a scavenger hunt of a list of Spanish words. They had to go around the house finding the sticky note with the Spanish word on it and write down what the English word. Once completed the kids got a package of Mexican jumping beans.

We then sat down for a taste testing. My husband, who grew up in Texas, was able to find some Hispanic food for the kids to taste. They were cookies which we split up into halves or fourths and some unique soda (like coconut soda). The parents also enjoyed testing the goodies out.

After they got a bit of sugar and soda in their system, we had the kids dance to some Latin music. They ended up forming a Conga line on their own.

When they tired out a bit we sat back down for a craft. We made worry dolls (quita dolls) out of wooden clothes pins--the kind that don't pinch shut--and some fabric we tied around with a ribbon. I also got the kids little wooden boxes, from the craft store, for them to decorate.

As they finished with the craft they went to dance in the other room. Once they were all done we set up for cake and ice cream. I find rotating kids between two rooms works nicely so they are moving around some and are settled for the next activity. It also helps having someone set up the next event while somebody occupies them in another room.

After cake we did presents and then we had a pinata outside. We ended up finishing a bit earlier than expected, so my husband came up with a game to fill the last 15 mins. He named it Pinata, which is just a version of Torpedo. First the boundaries need to be set so kids don't run too far away. Then you define which side is the left (izquierda) and the right (derecha). The caller tells the kids which direction to run izquierda/derecha, then they switch. The kids run from one side to another at the will of the caller. When the caller yells Pinata everyone touches the ground. The last person to touch the ground is out. The last person out gets to be the caller. *For the game Torpedo the caller yells Port (left) and Starboard (right) and Torpedo (hit the deck).


Hi! Your party sounds great! Do you have any clever ideas for invitation wording?
No I'm sorry I don't have a talent for writing catchy invites. I do make my own invitations, but these just said Fiesta on the front.
Mark Steidler said…
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All the best,
Mark Steidler

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