End of Year Party - Luau Crafts

My son's teacher asked me to do some crafts for the End of Year Luau. We made a paper cup tiki and crepe paper hula skirts.

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For the tiki just take a solid colored paper cup, found in the party supply section of any superstore, then have the kids decorate it with foamie stickers, markers, ect. I used glue dots for the googly eyes and the crepe paper hair.

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To make the crepe paper (party streamers) hula skirt you just cut a long strip of butcher or craft paper. Then take a large hole punch, in this case it was a square, and cut along the strip of paper. Have the kids tread the crepe paper through the holes and with a glue stick glue the crepe paper onto itself. When they are done wrap it around their waste and staple it. You can staple a lei around their waste as well.


Anonymous said…
another way to make the grass skirts is to use plastic table covering. cut them in strips and use one for the wasteband. take the remaining strips fold in half with the loop at the top thread the loose ends through the hoop around the band.

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