12 Weeks of Summer - Week 9


Field Trip: Zoo
Try Something New: Backyard Safari, give each kid a disposable camera and go for a walk around the neighborhood or local park. Have them take pictures of all the animals they see. Get them developed and compare pictures.
Library : Animal books
Crafts: pom-pom animals, paper plate lion
Kids Cook: Snake Sticks, buy a can of bread stick dough and let the kids shape them out like snakes. Then take disposable cups and fill them with food coloring and water. Give the kids watercolor brushes to decorate their own snakes. You may want to do this outside or put newspaper down to prevent the food coloring from staining. Alternative is to bake the bread sticks after the kids shape them and let them decorate them with food coloring markers found in the cake decorating section of any craft store.
Rainy Day Fun: Animal puppet show, make your own animal puppets and put on a show
Outdoor: Setup a sprinkler Oasis
Movie: Jungle Book
Craft Challenge: Animal masks
Weekly Challenge: ROAR! start off roaring quietly, then gradually get loaded. Then see who can get the loudest, but only in little increments, no jumping form
roar to ROAR!!!!!


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