12 Weeks of Summer - Week 7

Wild West

Field Trip: Visit a local Farm
Try Something New: Pan for gold, paint some small rocks gold and mix them with some mud and dirty. Give the kids foil pie pans to sloosh for the gold.
Library: Wild west or cowboy books
Crafts: create an Old Western town out of old paper milk cartons, make a prairie wagon out of cardboard
Kids Cook: Pulled pork (or meat of choice) BBQ sandwiches, have the kids pull the meat apart with two forks
Rainy Day Fun: Make up a new line dance
Outdoor: Stick Pony Rodeo
Movie: Fievel Goes West
Craft Challenge: make a teepee out of sticks and an old sheet~let the kids decorate it with washable markers
Weekly Challenge: Lasso challenge, who can lasso the most and farthest


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