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12 Weeks of Summer - Week 10


Field Trip: Merry Go Round
Try Something New: Learn a magic trick
Library: Clowns
Crafts: popsicle stick Big Top tent (use a paper towel for the top)
Kids Cook: Snow cones
Rainy Day Fun: Face paint and act like clowns
Outdoor: Practice lion taming
Movie: Jo Jo’s Circus videos
Craft Challenge: Make a flee circus
Weekly Challenge: Create a circus act
Additional Info: There are many merry go rounds across the country, but if you have a hard time finding one type in your location and carousel and again with merry go round. You are bound to find something nearby.

12 Weeks of Summer - Week 9


Field Trip: Zoo
Try Something New: Backyard Safari, give each kid a disposable camera and go for a walk around the neighborhood or local park. Have them take pictures of all the animals they see. Get them developed and compare pictures.
Library : Animal books
Crafts: pom-pom animals, paper plate lion
Kids Cook: Snake Sticks, buy a can of bread stick dough and let the kids shape them out like snakes. Then take disposable cups and fill them with food coloring and water. Give the kids watercolor brushes to decorate their own snakes. You may want to do this outside or put newspaper down to prevent the food coloring from staining. Alternative is to bake the bread sticks after the kids shape them and let them decorate them with food coloring markers found in the cake decorating section of any craft store.
Rainy Day Fun: Animal puppet show, make your own animal puppets and put on a show
Outdoor: Setup a sprinkler Oasis
Movie: Jungle Book
Craft Challenge: Animal masks
Weekly Challenge: ROA…

End of Year Party - Luau Crafts

My son's teacher asked me to do some crafts for the End of Year Luau. We made a paper cup tiki and crepe paper hula skirts.

For the tiki just take a solid colored paper cup, found in the party supply section of any superstore, then have the kids decorate it with foamie stickers, markers, ect. I used glue dots for the googly eyes and the crepe paper hair.

To make the crepe paper (party streamers) hula skirt you just cut a long strip of butcher or craft paper. Then take a large hole punch, in this case it was a square, and cut along the strip of paper. Have the kids tread the crepe paper through the holes and with a glue stick glue the crepe paper onto itself. When they are done wrap it around their waste and staple it. You can staple a lei around their waste as well.

12 Weeks of Summer - Week 8


Field Trip: Aquarium
Try Something New: Get two pairs of tongs and use them to pick up and move things like a crab
Library: Undersea books
Crafts: submarine out of plastic bottle, paper plate aquarium
Kids Cook: submarine sandwiches
Rainy Day Fun: Give each kid a bowl of water, with a tablespoon of oil added to the water, and a spoon. Tell the kids to scoop out the oil with the spoon. This is a great lesson in water conservation. They will find it impossible to get all the oil out. You can let them use a paper towel at the end, but they will find it takes away much more water than oil.
Outdoor: Beach themed scavenger hunt, make a list of things that can be easily found throughout the week, give each kid a sand pail to collect the goodies in. If you don't live near the beach, then you can scatter bath toys around the yard and have them hunt for them.
Movie: Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo
Craft Challenge: Sea shell critter, get a bag of sea shells from the craft store and how many…

12 Weeks of Summer - Week 7

Wild West

Field Trip: Visit a local Farm
Try Something New: Pan for gold, paint some small rocks gold and mix them with some mud and dirty. Give the kids foil pie pans to sloosh for the gold.
Library: Wild west or cowboy books
Crafts: create an Old Western town out of old paper milk cartons, make a prairie wagon out of cardboard
Kids Cook: Pulled pork (or meat of choice) BBQ sandwiches, have the kids pull the meat apart with two forks
Rainy Day Fun: Make up a new line dance
Outdoor: Stick Pony Rodeo
Movie: Fievel Goes West
Craft Challenge: make a teepee out of sticks and an old sheet~let the kids decorate it with washable markers
Weekly Challenge: Lasso challenge, who can lasso the most and farthest

12 Weeks of Summer - Week 6


Field Trip: Zoo to look at the spiders and other insects
Try Something New: Watch bugs, take a hula hoop or sting and circle off a small patch of grass, observe for 15 minutes what all the bugs in the area are doing
Library: stages of a butterflies life
Crafts: tissue paper butterfly, clay caterpillar, paper plate lady bugs
Kids Cook: Ants on a log
Rainy Day Fun: Bug Hunt (Buy dollar store bag of bugs and hide them throughout the house)
Outdoor: catch bugs
Movie: Bugs Life or Antz
Craft Challenge: Make a litter bug using trash found outside
Weekly Challenge: Display a Bug Zoo

Fiesta Birthday Party


Fiesta Birthday Party

My daughter turned 7 this week, and we had a Learn Spanish Fiesta for her party.

As we greeted the guests, they were given a scavenger hunt of a list of Spanish words. They had to go around the house finding the sticky note with the Spanish word on it and write down what the English word. Once completed the kids got a package of Mexican jumping beans.

We then sat down for a taste testing. My husband, who grew up in Texas, was able to find some Hispanic food for the kids to taste. They were cookies which we split up into halves or fourths and some unique soda (like coconut soda). The parents also enjoyed testing the goodies out.

After they got a bit of sugar and soda in their system, we had the kids dance to some Latin music. They ended up forming a Conga line on their own.

When they tired out a bit we sat back down for a craft. We made worry dolls (quita dolls) out of wooden clothes pins--the kind that don't pinch shut--and some fabric we tied around with a ribbon. I also got the kids…