Cub Scout Bears Family Camp

I know it has been awhile since I've posted anything, but I have had a very challenging semester in college. Anyways, I'm preparing for a family camp out with our Bears den. I thought I'd share some ideas on what we planned on doing.

Soap/Wood Carvings - Since the boys have earned their whittling chits we are giving them some soap and blocks of wood to carve throughout the camp-out. This way in between events they don't get bored.

Make Trail Mix - This is a favorite with our den. Just gather a bunch of stuff for the boys to make their own trail mix. I put the ingredients in ziplock bags and I have plastic measuring cups in the bags. I have 1 cup for cereals, 1/2 cup for dried fruits, 1/3 cup for nuts, and 1/4 cup for sweets. They can mix whatever cereals they want so long as it is in this ratio (or whatever ratio you prefer).

Craft - Since we are camping on Cinco de Mayo we are gluing tissue paper on pinatas. The boys can bust them open before they leave camp Sunday morning.

Egg Drop Experiment - This is a pack event which every boy gets a brown lunch bag. They can fill it with whatever combo they want (10 different things to choice from). The goal is to protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped from a good height.

Field Day - Another pack event where the boys play tug-o-war, 3 legged races, relay races, sack races, ect.

Ice Cream - Take a quart size ziplock freezer bag and fill it with ice cream ingredients (only half full). Then take a ziplock freezer gallon bag and fill it with ice and rock salt. Put the quart size bag in the gallon bag, making sure both are zipped tight. Flip the gallon bag around for about 10 mins, and you have ice cream.

Plant a Tree - Each boy in our den will be planting an oak tree

Make a Shelter - While we are out in the woods, the boys will learn to make a lean-to (sp??). You take a large fallen branch and prop it up against an old tree stump. Then you find sticks of various sizes to lean up against the branch, going from longest towards the stump to smallest towards the ground. When you added enough sticks that it looks like it can handle a pile of leaves, start finding and piling leaves on top. This is for insulation. The goal is to pile enough leaves so that the pile is as deep as your arm. Take a stick or two away so you can enter, and there you have an emergency shelter.

Animal Tracks - While walking around the woods we are going to look for animal tracks. I have a set of flash cards that has a picture of tracks on one side and the information of the animal on the other.

That is my plan, hopefully it will go smoothly.


The Cub Pack said…
Nice Camp ideas

Thanks for posting them. I may borrow some.

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