12 Weeks of Summer Series - Week 4


Field Trip: Local garden with tropical plants
Try Something New: Take a pool noodle and lay it on the floor, then take a small board and lay it on top of the noodle. Try to balance on the board as if you are surfing. This is best done outside so you don't knock down things or hurt yourself.
Library: Photo books of Hawaii
Crafts: paper lei, decorate flip flops, sand art, sea shell picture frame
Kids Cook: smoothies bar (cut fruit up and let them make their own smoothies)
Rainy Day Fun: Make up a hula dance routine
Outdoor: Limbo
Movie: Lilo & Stitch
Craft Challenge: Make a volcano (do baking soda/vinegar when done)
Weekly Challenge: Hula Hoop Contest
Additional Info: Lesson from my daughter – Don’t stick your head above volcano as it “erupts” because it puts out CO2 which makes it hard for you to breath


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